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Zipang Modern Japanese Cuisine+

The food is pretty good and the choices somewhat different from your typical Japanese restaurant.

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How to Apply for a Japanese Tourist Visa (for Filipinos)+

We've been planning this trip to Osaka and Kyoto for months now and I'm happy to say that the biggest...

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Spicy Mixed Orzo Paella+

Lighter and less sticky than traditional paella rice, orzo is a great alternative for people who prefer pasta over...

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Reneelicious Lambsilog+

For any non-Filipinos, silog is an acronym for sinangag (garlic fried rice) and itlog (egg), two of the three components...

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Ninyo. Old News, but still Making Headlines.+

At Ninyo for the first time ever today, I can't believe we waited four years to eat here.

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Where to Eat in Legazpi City+

Known for its heavy use of coconut milk and chilis, here are just a few local delicacies you can fill...

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Where to Stay in Legazpi City: Casablanca Suites+

“So far the BEST hotel in Legazpi.”

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Mayon Volcano by ATV!+

An 18-km adrenaline-rush featuring ATVs, a zipline, and one of the world’s most beautiful volcanoes, here’s one of many GoPro...

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