September, 2012

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Spaghetti Gangnam Style!‏+

If you enjoy familiar food with a twist (and a kick!), then you're sure to love this.

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Osam Bulgogi‏+

A few months ago, a hot and spicy dish like this osam bulgogi would have singed the taste buds right...

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You Jie Xiao Chao+

"Have you eaten at that super duper secret Hunan restaurant on Camia Street? You haven't?!? Oh my...

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Japanese Weekend Buffet at Kitsho+

If you’re looking for one of those hedonistic spreads that serves everything but the kitchen sink, then this isn’t the...

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Sansung Korean Restaurant+

Their menu had a lot of intriguing, unfamiliar dishes that neither Ren nor I had ever seen before.

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101 Hawker Food House Revisited+

As mentioned up top, 101 Hawker Food House is a great place for cheap eats and cold beer.

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Balaw Balaw Specialty Restaurant & Art Gallery+

Having heard so much about the unconventional offerings at Balaw Balaw like soup no. 5, uok, and kamaro...

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