Fully responsive, one-page scrolling website for Beterinaryo sa Fort animal clinic in Fort Bonifacio, Global City.

The client wanted their old website, which was done in Flash, to be redesigned to better match their newly opened clinic at The Fort. Because of Flash’s many downsides, I wanted to veer away from that and give them something a little more current. I also wanted it to be easy to update and mobile-friendly, so I went with a responsive WordPress design that would look good across all mobile devices. When viewing the website, resize your browser window to see how the website automatically adjusts itself to be perfectly viewable on any screen. Pretty cool eh?

I’m partial to these one-page scrolling websites because I think it’s a fun, lightweight method of adding interactivity to a website without having to resort to Flash. Looking at this website always makes me smile because (a) I love animals, and (b) that pug in the slideshow is my handsome boy Henry. ♥