Logo for an American-style gourmet burger restaurant in Kobe, Japan.

The client wanted a logo that was reminiscent of the American diner experience, so I came up with a mark that I felt reflected that spirit. Their burgers are flame-grilled, hence the stylized representation of flames in the background. I adapted this logo into a 60 cm diameter sign that I had manufactured here, then shipped to Japan.

Funny, many years after I completed this project, I was surfing Cash Cash Pinoy for restaurant vouchers, when I spotted an interesting-looking deal from Zark’s Burger. Momentarily distracted by their mammoth-sized creations, it took me a few seconds to realize that their logo looked eerily familiar. I posted the full story in my food + travel blog, Sushi Bytes.

I also created a 600+ sq ft digital MURAL that was used in the restaurant’s interior. You can click on the link to view it.


A few preliminary concepts I sent together with the one above.